The State Tretyakov Gallery 2022.
My school textbooks on history and literature didn't have pictures. Only at the end there were some prints of "great Russian paintings". During boring lessons you can look out the class windows or carefully investigate the prints. I knew all the smallest details. Once a year we have to go with the whole class to The Treytyakov Gallery to officially admire and pray to the same paintings. The basics of composition and drawing we studied on them too. They are embellished in my head.Today, our criminal state attacked a neighboring country, bringing pain, destruction and death to innocent people. I see this war through the internet. Now it is impossible to turn away from the photos and just look out the next window as it was in the school. Through these war photographs, heroes and plots of canvases, familiar from childhood, come out and stare into your eyes. And you ask yourself - has it always been inside us?
In this project, I combine photographs of the war and Russian paintings as I see them today.

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